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    After reboot, wireless keyboard fail to turn on MacMini

    After sudden reboot, wireless keyboard failed to turn on my MacMini. Even after taking off the power plug and re-plugging it, nothing helped. Could you please suggest me a way to tackle the problem?

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: After reboot, wireless keyboard fail to turn on MacMini

    ++++++++++++Try this method for this issue++++++++

    Verify that your configuration is compatible wireless keyboard connect.

    **********OS is in control of the wireless adapter.

    **********uses a wireless connection to your network and the operation system.

    ********** Launch the device manager.

    **********Then locate the keyboard and mouse driver location.

    **********After that right click on the select driver and navigate the properties.

    **********Then update the driver so that your keyboard and mouse will work fine.

    **********try to connect the keyboard to different USB port.

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: After reboot, wireless keyboard fail to turn on MacMini

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..................................

    1.This can be the problem of the hardware or the software.

    2.So firstly this can be the problem of the Wireless Adapters drivers.

    3.So you try to update them to latest version if it is not possible then you try to Restore your Mac.

    4.If still you have the problem then this can be the problem of the hardware.

    5.Your wireless Adapter may be damaged or power connection may be damaged.

    6.So try to get it repaired and your problem will be solved.

    All the best...............................

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