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    Apple Mail application acting very slow in Macbook Pro

    Any idea like what can be done for making the Apple Mail application to boost up it’s speed or so? I have Snow Leopard running in my Macbook Pro. Tried some basic things like restart and things like that but still it’s very slow when I try to use it. What can be done for making it work proper as like it was before when newly installed?

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    Re: Apple Mail application acting very slow in Macbook Pro

    It is true that after days goes by the Apple Mail application will be slow in response and it has lot of mails and messages populated in the DB to be retrieved back again. Now the DB which used to maintain all your Mails is SQL and it needs a little servicing to make it more performant every day. Just try to follow the below mentioned steps,

    STEP 1: Close the Apple Mail application completely in your Macbook Pro.

    STEP 2: Now open the Terminal application and make sure you are in the Administrator mode.

    STEP 3: Type in the command as given without quotes “/usr/bin/sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum;”

    STEP 4: Close the terminal and restart your Macbook Pro once which should fix the slow response problem now and it should be faster when compared to the previous Apple Mail.

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    Re: Apple Mail application acting very slow in Macbook Pro



    :: Try to disable the “Sharing” option from the system preference section.

    :: Using the fast internet connection on your system.

    :: Try to repair the disk permission.

    :: Uninstall the Apple Mail application from the MAC.

    :: And again install the mail apps again with latest version.

    :: Try to clear the cache file of mail apps.


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