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    Apple Mail goes offline frequently after 10.8.4 upgrade

    Anyone came across this problem before? I have my Mac Mail which was working for sometime but now after the 10.8.4 upgrade it just goes to offline mode very frequently. Now what needs to be done to resolve this problem? Can someone give me the information to resolve this soon? Thank you.

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    samerjeet singh Array
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    Re: Apple Mail goes offline frequently after 10.8.4 upgrade

    Hello guest.....
    This problem is due to these reasons:-
    # may be 10.8.4 is not properly upgraded.
    # desicarded setting of your apple mail.
    # updation required for your apple mail.

    Solution steps for your problem are:-
    # first of all open your apple mail and goto its option.
    # scroll to the option of update version.
    # update this app to latest compatible version for your device.
    # also check the upgrading of 10.8.4 reupgrade it if not properly upgraded.
    # now open your apple mail and edit its setting.
    # select application mode as permanently online.
    # finish seting.
    # your problem will be solved
    good bye

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