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    Battery failure in Snow Leopard Macbook

    I have Snow Leopard Macbook. I was using it perfectly but I donít know how this happened all of a sudden. There is a battery failure and this clearly shows up. When I charge the battery to the full, I get an indication of red cross on the battery icon. This means there is some critical battery issue. How to solve it?

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    ankit60 Array
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    Re: Battery failure in Snow Leopard Macbook

    Well dear if battery failure has happened in your mac then you can not do much about it.you have to replace your battery.you should go to the macstore and replace your battery.
    You should follow these steps for the long life of the battery.
    <>first of all make sure that you are not using device when it is in the charging mode.
    <>switch off the device when you are not using the device.
    <>do not use too many apps at a time.it puts lots of load on battery.
    Thank you

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    Re: Battery failure in Snow Leopard Macbook

    Hi friend,

    This is because of totally battery failure in your macbook.

    So,it is good to change to new battery.After changing to new battery follow below simple tips to maintain the macbook battery life for long time.

    +++ Tips to protect the battery and maintain long battery life :

    1. Switch off the wifi and bluetooth when you don't use it.

    2. Don't use the macbook when it is in charging mode.

    3. Don't put the charge when you using the macbook.

    4. Decrease the backlight to low because it will consume more power.

    5. Set the screen saver or wallpaper which is have low effect.

    Thank you.......................

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    Re: Battery failure in Snow Leopard Macbook

    Hello dear..........
    This may be due to two problems.
    1.The battery might be seated incorrectly,So once remove your battery and insert it correctly.
    2.The failure of battery.You need to replace a new one.

    To avoid these type of problems
    1.Run the laptop in sleep mode when it was not in use.
    2.Remove the charger when it is fully charged and connect the charger when it is fully discharged.
    3.Shut down the laptop for 20-30 min when it was in continuous Work for more than 8hrs.

    Once consult the service engineer so as he can regain your battery condition......
    All the best........and hope you may understand......

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    Re: Battery failure in Snow Leopard Macbook

    u r using the device too much
    dnt use too many apps at the same time
    dnt overcharge it
    charge it only when the battery is lower then 19%

    follow these steps
    if still ur battery fails den u must take it to the customer care centre

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