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    Can I install SSD in Macbook of late 2009 series?

    I have a Macbook which is of late 2009 series and now I just want to update it to some latest hardwares so that it can perform well. So can I install the SSD in it? Will that be good? If so which one to go for? I already updated the OS part to Mountain Lion so kindly advice me whether to go for SSD or not?

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    Re: Can I install SSD in Macbook of late 2009 series?

    It’s good that you have already updated your OS part to the latest Mountain Lion and now if you are looking forward to update your hardware then consider buying the latest Macbook series or update only the RAM for performance because anything other that will need your motherboard to compatibel with it if not it will give only the low performance which you might have never been thought of.

    Now talking about the SSD drive instead you can consider updating SATA III version as Macbook already comes with the SATA driver which might be II or III already. You can go for any one of it as it’s backward compatible too. Now if you are going to install SSD drive then it will be no faster than SATA I version as it just don’t support the latest one and finds it to be the basic one.

    This goes same with installing a Graphic card. Maybe you can install Graphics card which is more performant than it’s before but still the performance will looks more or less the same since the processing and motherboard holds the same old thing as before. So if you consider updating your Motherboard + Processor then you need to consider replacing your whole Macbook which is nothing but buying a new one as I said before. So think of these things first and then go ahead with your purchases.

    My advice goes like this, it’s better to use your Macbook for some more days with the same config and then sell it for 2nds when it goes out well and then buy the new Macbook Pro retina series which will satisfice all your performance need.

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    Re: Can I install SSD in Macbook of late 2009 series?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...............

    Yeah! you can definitely install the 'SSD' in the Macbook of late 2009 series.

    1.Firstly you need a 9.5mm SSD drive for your Macbook.

    2.Then for transferring Data ,Download carbon copy and clone your drive via USB external drive.

    3.Once you have done that put the old rive in USB and use it as backup.

    All the best..................

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