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    Check monitor cable issue with Macbook Pro

    I have connected Samsung SyncMaster 244T monitor along with my Macbook Pro which was working fine without any issues but now from recent past I have started getting the message as “Check monitor cable” at times in the monitor where the output goes off. I checked the cable and everything is fine but still this issue. Anyone faced the same? Any fix for this problem?

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    Re: Check monitor cable issue with Macbook Pro


    Yeah! I have got your problem.

    1.You have said that you connect the samsung monitor to Mac.

    2.Well there will be no problem with that connection.

    3.But the connection is some what different.

    4.So you check that you have connected correctly as you have connected previously.

    5.you also check the cable of the Monitor may be damaged.

    6.So you change the cable with new one and try i think it will work.

    7.If it doesn't work then the problem is in the inside the Monitor.

    8.So you try to check that your monito is working finely or not you can check it by connecting to another Mac or PC.

    9.If there is no problem with the Monitor then check the power connection for the CPU to the Monitor.

    Have a nice day...........

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