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    "com.apple.JavaScriptCore error 0x115c84ff7" on Mac OS X 10.5

    On my mac machine am always getting an error message that "com.apple.JavaScriptCore error 0x115c84ff7". I have searched to find information regarding this error over internet but till now I haven't found any useful info. What should I do now in order to fix this error message?

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    Re: "com.apple.JavaScriptCore error 0x115c84ff7" on Mac OS X 10.5


    Suggestions --------------->
    * Make sure that the java is correctly installed in device.
    * Re install it and then update that software.
    * Once this is done you need to restart the device.
    * You must maintain space in the device memory so that apps can work properly.
    * This can be maintained by cleaning the cache and history files in device.
    * You can also take the help of memory cleaner app for cleaning the memory.
    * Also see that RAM in device is also more so to increase the processing speed.
    * Save the device from all kind of the virus attack.
    * Have the purchased version of the antivirus for this purpose.
    * Also see that software of the device is in updated format.
    * Backups of all important files are also needed in device.
    * Update the software of the device whenever available and needed.
    * Visit the security area of the device to update the device software.
    * Use fast net connection to update the software.


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