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    Complete blackout without intimation

    On my Macbook Pro, complete blackout on screen without any warning happens. Recently, I have upgraded the system with Snow Leopard. How should I fix this problem?

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    Re: Complete blackout without intimation

    Hi friend,

    You can facing this blackout problem because any of below reasons

    ---> Due to cache memory is full.
    ---> Due to virus files exist in your device.
    ---> Due to software becomes old.
    ---> may be screen is damaged.

    +++ Resolving tips for blackout in mac system :

    1. If screen display is damaged then repair it by consulting the mac specialist.

    2. Update the mac firmware for avoiding black screen.

    3. Restart the system and check still black screen appears.

    4. Delete the virus files first from your system.

    5. Clear the cache memory.

    Even if you can't rectify the issue contact the system technician.

    Thank you............

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