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    Converting Maya IFF file in Mac

    There are some files which I was working on Maya before and now I am not able to open those .iff files in Mac. So is it possible for me to convert it and open the file in Mac. Is there any third party applications available for it? Can you please provide me the instructions for this? Thank you.

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    Re: Converting Maya IFF file in Mac

    Hello Friend,

    Converting The IFF Files :

    >> Open The Website :

    >> And Download The Software For The MAC OS

    >> Than Installed In The System

    >> And Read The User Manual Of Software

    >> Performed The Conversion IFF To Other Format

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Converting Maya IFF file in Mac

    You can convert the maya iff file to anohter format for this you need to do the below things.
    Tap the mac system home screen.After turn on open the browser and download the file converter application to your mac.After downloading locate the application where it is stroed.After locating install it like normal applications and restart the mac system once.After restart launch the installed file converter application.Now tap the import option.After tapping a new window will open to select the maya iff file.So,select the file and upload to file converter application by tapping done option.Now choose the file format to which you want to convert.After selecting tap the convert option.After converting you can view the maya file from mac after converting.

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