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    Details about using Text Speech in Mac OS X?

    Is it true that we can run some command in Mac OS X to use the text speech option. Can you please tell me how to do that in my Mac? So that I can show it to my friends and probably make them to use it too.

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    Re: Details about using Text Speech in Mac OS X?

    Yes this is one of the cool feature which is given in the Mac OS X and also most of them are unaware about it too. So to use this feature you need to execute some simple commands in the terminal to get it done and yea it is pretty much easy that you can show it to your friends in no time. Just follow the steps given in order to get it done,

    STEP 1: Open the Terminal from your mac and got to the folder /Applications/Utilities
    STEP 2: Now from there run the Terminal.app file.
    STEP 3: No execute the command - say Hi everyone.
    STEP 4: The above command will make your Mac to speak up “hi everyone” if the computer speakers are up.
    STEP 5: You can also try the command osascript -e ‘say “any text” using “any voice”’ which will enable to speak up the text in different tones.
    STEP 6: Open the System Preferences -> Speech pane -> Text to Speech tab. Select the option “Show more voices” at the bottom to get the list of all the voices which are available to use for the speech.

    In this way you can make use of the Text speech in your Mac and if you are still not able to hear the voice or facing some other issue related in your Mac just feel free to drop in your query here to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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    Re: Details about using Text Speech in Mac OS X?

    This is vey good feature of mac that you can give your speech to your and you dont need to download any third party software for it you just have to activate text speech option from text pane setting in the setting option of your mac and your problem will be solved.

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