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    Do Mac have the support for GeForce GTX 650?

    I am just planning to get the GeForce GTX 650 graphics card for my Mac so that I can play all the extreme games but will it support? Can you please give the complete details of it? Is it possible for me to mount the Graphic card in Mac? Please provide me the detail step for that too? Thanks.

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    Re: Do Mac have the support for GeForce GTX 650?

    Hello guestgeforce gtx graphics card is a mordern card which is used for plating games in many devicesand you can easily play games by using this cardfollowing are steps to use geforce graphics card1 get a graphics card from mac store2 now also take care of that you mac support your graphics card3 now connect it to your mac4 also activate it from my macit will start working good luckbye

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