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    Download could not continue error in Bootcamp Assistant

    I am using the Bootcamp Assistant in my Snow Leopard and when I try to download the Windows drivers I get the error message as “Download could not continue - The Windows support software is not available”. What should be done for this issue now? Can someone give me the steps which I need to follow for resolving the issue? Thank you.

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    Re: Download could not continue error in Bootcamp Assistant

    Boot Camp support for downloading the Windows drivers is not more supported to any OS version earlier than the Lion OS. So the only thing possible now to do is to download the drivers directly from your Mac OS X installation CD.

    Now once you have installed the drivers from the Installation disk. Just close the Boot Camp application in your Mac and then restart it again where you will be going to the window which says “Select Tasks” -> Now from there deselect the option “Download the latest Windows support software from Apple” and then continue with the onscreen instructions which should be working fine.

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    Re: Download could not continue error in Bootcamp Assistant

    Dear Friend,

    1)This is Available in Apple Software go in that click only once don't double click it.

    2)Now open the Index-lion snowleopard-leopard.merged-1.sucatalog file in a text editor or word processor.

    3)Search for each occurrence there were of boot campESD,pkg. for instace, the one i needed is

    4)Notice in each such URL, the /041-2011/or similar /041-xxxxx/bit of it.

    5)Below each such occurrence, notice the URL for a file with the same 041-xxxxx in it and ending in englis.dist, e.g.041-2011.english.dist.

    6)paste the URL for each English.dist file into your browser and opwn that URl. here's a list of them.

    7)Now search for the model identifier for your mac.

    8)Having found your 0141-xxxxx number, download the Boot camp ESD.pkg url tat has you number it it .

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    Re: Download could not continue error in Bootcamp Assistant


    Steps to follow::: Open the terminal window from it.

    :: Now here you type in the command kill all, this will close the all running apps
    process related to migration assistant.

    :: Then try to reinstall the migration assistant applications.

    :: Also try to repair the disk.

    :: Now restart the Mac system and then check the problem is solved or not.

    :: This will fix issue related to boot-camp.

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