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    Downloading Flash videos in Mac?

    I want to know what settings we need to change so that we can download the Flash videos from Mac? I just have this website which as many good videos but they are all in flash and I am not able to download. So can you please help? Mac runs with Lion OS.

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    sagar R. Array
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    Re: Downloading Flash videos in Mac?

    If you want to watch the Flash video in your Mac device ,then you should have OS X 10.4 or later.
    Flash video is one of the video format to watch the video.you can also deliver video in internet through abode flash player.
    In the website , online most video are in the format of flash video.

    you can find many flash video on the site such as

    google video
    yahoo video

    If you want to download the flash video , then you should have to download the Flash Video Downloader.

    Download the Flash video in Mac

    --> Lauch the Flash video downloader and go to "tools"
    --> select "grab++".now grab++ window will open.
    --> play online flash video in browser.when it will start to play.grab++ will grab it.you can see it in grab++ window.now click on "download"
    --> click on "ok".

    now flash video will start to download.

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    Re: Downloading Flash videos in Mac?

    Hello Friend,

    Follow The Steps :

    >> Firstly Download The Flash Player Downloader Like :

    1. Flash Video Downloader for Mac etc.

    >> And Installed In Your OS And Restart The System
    >> After That They Automatically Atteched With Your Browsers
    >> After That Open The Website For The Flash Video
    >> And Play Any One Video After 1 To 15 Sec. Later, "Download This Video" Option Displayed So Click On The Option Than They Automatically Download Your Video Depen On The Internet Speed

    >> And Also You Have Paste The Video Url In The Software Video (Means File >> Add Url (And Paste The Copy Video URL) And OK)

    All The Best

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    luck Array
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    Re: Downloading Flash videos in Mac?


    First of all download the Flash Video Down loader

    Then Start to download Flash video Mac

    Then Download is appearing on the screen

    Then go to the DOWNLOADING menu

    After which Choose Paste URL

    Then the Flash videos will be downloaded Quickly

    Then you can directly Drag this


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    Re: Downloading Flash videos in Mac?

    Hi friend,

    All most all browser providing the flash videos.You can download the flash videos directly by visiting them.

    +++ Steps to download flash videos :

    1. Turn on the system first.

    2. Now tap the browser which you have installed.

    3. Tap the URL http://www.youtube.com

    4. Enter the video name in search field.

    5. After enter the name tap the search option.

    6. Now your video will browse.

    7. Tap the video.

    8. Now click the download option on top the video.

    Thank you.................

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    ozvert Array
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    Re: Downloading Flash videos in Mac?

    Hai friend........

    You can download flash videos from youtube.
    for this you need to have Youtube video downloader.

    copy and paste the video url in youtube downloader then click on download..........

    you can convert any format videos to FLV format using various softwares like.......
    1. Format factory.
    2. Xiloft video converter.
    3. TVC converter .............

    thank you............

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