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    Editing outgoing Mail E-Mail options in Mac Mail app

    I am using the Mac mail app which works fine without any issues but now I wanted to configure some settings in regard with the outgoing mail but I am not able to find that option where only incoming mail option is available. Can you please tell me how should I configure the outgoing mails now?

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    Re: Editing outgoing Mail E-Mail options in Mac Mail app

    There is option available to configure all the settings related to outgoing mails in Mac Mail application, you just need to follow the steps as given below,

    STEP 1: Open the mail application.
    STEP 2: Go to Preferences -> Accounts tab
    STEP 3: From here you can see many options available which are based on your account where Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP) is the option for configuring the outgoing mails.
    STEP 4: Select it and click on the right hand up/down arrow where it opens up a drop down list, just select the option “Edit SMTP server list”.
    STEP 5: It will open up a new window where you can edit the Outgoing SMTP Mail server and configure the settings accordingly.

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    Re: Editing outgoing Mail E-Mail options in Mac Mail app


    Steps to follow for setting the Mail:

    :: So first go to the mail application

    :: Then open the “Accounts”.

    :: After that open the "settings" option from it.

    :: Now here select the "Mail” option from the entire list.

    :: After that go to the Outgoing mail Server SMTP and open in the mail account.

    :: Now here you enter the username and password in the Outgoing mail Server.

    :: If you want to edit the server, then press the “Edit SMTP server list”

    :: And restart the device and check your problem is solved or not.


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