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    Entourage working very slow in Macbook Pro

    I have a Macbook Pro which runs with the Snow Leopard OS and now whenever I try to start the Entourage application and work it just operates very slow and I am finding really hard to work with it. What might be the reason behind this? Few months before it was working normal but now no idea what went wrong. Can someone provide me the fix for this problem? Thank you.

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    Re: Entourage working very slow in Macbook Pro

    Hi friend,

    You can resolve the entourage working very slow in macbook pro by following the below tips.

    ---> Close the entourage once and restart the macbook pro and use without slow now.

    ---> Update the entourage application to resolve this issue.

    ---> You can also resolve this by uninstall and re-install again.

    ---> If virus files causing this slow issue then remove the malwares using antivirus files.

    ---> Update the macbook pro firmware once and check problem resolved or not.

    ---> Don't operate another applications while using the entourage.

    Thank you......................

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    Re: Entourage working very slow in Macbook Pro

    If you have apps starting up when you log in, stop them from doing so.

    If you are not using a maintenance software that deletes old logs, runs Apple maintenance scripts, check for corrupted files such as .plist look for an app that does. I recommend Titanium Onyx for this maintenance focus.

    Since you're using skype reset PRAM .

    And also once you run a maintenance app, reset pram, try a safe mode boot.

    Doing this will take the computer some time to come up so don't shut it down thinking there is a problem.

    Wait! When the system comes up, you can simply shut it down, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on and it will boot back up in regular mode.

    Safe mode will reconstruct some files of the OS that may be slowing the system down too.

    I strongly recommend you use ALL the suggestions above, if you aren't using any of them.

    Also if you are not running disk utility, verify and fix permissions, as well as verify the drive, it may help some as well though not significantly.

    Go into Utilities and look for the app Disk Utility and start it up. Make certain all other apps are closed. On the right side in the bottom left corner is "verify permissions" and also "repair permissions", run verify perms first and than run repair perms next.

    When those two things are done, verify the disk. If there are any issues you will be notified and you can follow on screen suggestions, otherwise once verify disk is done you can close disk utility.

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    Re: Entourage working very slow in Macbook Pro

    Hello my dear friend ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    Open the HOME PAGE first of all

    Then go to the " System Preferences "

    There you need to Click on " Sharing "

    And then you need to Uncheck file sharing and as well as Windows Sharing

    Generally it should speed up the ENTOURAGE

    You can even download Hundreds of email in less than a minute

    That is it

    Hope it helps


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