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    "Error: 2753, The variable thePanel is not defined." on Mac OS X Tiger

    While starting my mac machine running on OS X Tiger, the system comes up with an error message which won't go until a restart is made. And the error message is "Error: 2753, The variable thePanel is not defined." There is no close option for this error window, provide a fix soon.

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    Re: "Error: 2753, The variable thePanel is not defined." on Mac OS X Tiger


    Reason of the problem could be error in the software file in device.
    Follow these suggestion and also recommendation told below.

    Suggestions ------------->
    * You need to have the software CD for the disk.
    * Have that CD and then restart the device soon.
    * Now you need to press on repair option.
    * If available press the upgrade option.
    * Now after that you need to follow all shown steps.
    * Restart the device after the steps are shown there.
    * Now you will not face the problem you spoked.

    Make sure to save the software -------->
    * Make sure that device should be free from all virus data/file.
    * Have the antivirus in device always to save the device.
    * Antivirus must be purchased and virus definitions must be updated.
    * Do less use of the Bluetooth and wifi in device as it bring virus.
    * Memory in device should not be over loaded or near to full.
    * Increase the RAM in device to get the better performance.
    * Also maintain the space in the memory of the device.
    * Perform the memory cleaner app to clean the memory of the device.
    * Device software must be in updated format.
    * Use fast net connection for this update.
    * Have the backup of all important file and folder and also of internal settings.


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