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    "Error: 34 com.apple.BootCache" on Macbook with OS X Snow Leopard

    Am unable to do any operation on my macbook, irrespective of the work I do, the control loops back to the home screen with a message box with the error message "Error: 34 com.apple.BootCache". What should I do now to this error, is there any known solution to fix this error? Please let me know the way to fix the error.

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    abhijeet2015 Array
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    Re: "Error: 34 com.apple.BootCache" on Macbook with OS X Snow Leopard


    This is a system file error.
    This is because your system files are crashed due to many reasons.
    Also may be because of virus attack in mac this happened.
    So i always recommend people to have a antivirus in mac.
    Lack of these will cause the above problem.

    -- You need to go to app center and update your software.
    -- Make sure that you use fast net connection for this.
    -- After updating to latest version you will not face problem.


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    Re: "Error: 34 com.apple.BootCache" on Macbook with OS X Snow Leopard


    dear i think your ddevice get affected by the virus and due tio the affection it do not working properly .
    if you want to solve this problem then either you have to apply a new version antiovirus or you have to
    restore your device then it will make the device totally refreshed and i think now your problem will be solved.

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