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    Error message when trying to use HP 5650 printer

    Facing this issue from the time when I have installed the Snow Leopard and before it was working fine without problem. It just gives some error message whenever I try to use the HP 5650 printer. What should I do to fix this? Can someone please provide me the steps for it? Thanks.

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    Re: Error message when trying to use HP 5650 printer

    As you said that it was working fine before but not working with the new Snow Leopard installation then it looks like there is a issue with the drivers, follow the simple steps given below to check if the problem gets resolved,

    STEP 1: Try to install the new drivers for your printer. For HP CLICK HERE!!!
    STEP 2: Once the download is over. Start the installation of it and wait till it gets completed.
    STEP 3: Wait for the system restart for the changes which just made and then try to use the HP printer again.
    STEP 4: Make sure that the settings are set properly when you print from the Print option with the Advanced settings too.

    If you are looking for any other printer drivers you can always get it from the Apple. Hope this should have helped in some way.

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    Re: Error message when trying to use HP 5650 printer

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    :: Don't worry due to changes of system file there is compatibility of driver with the previous driver and it required the update driver.So,you just required the latest driver for the HP driver 5650 which compatibility to the new Snow Leopard.

    So first go to the link : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/s...&lang=en&cc=in

    After that choose the Mac OS in the option and Download the driver for the printer.After download you have to install and then restart the system.And then use the HP printer OK.

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