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    "Error to unmount the volume." on Mac OS X Leopard

    I have connected an external western digital hard drive to my mac machine, and after the transfer of files is done when I try to unmount the drive am getting the error message like "Error to unmount the volume." I have tried many times, but the error message is common. What should be done now?

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    Re: "Error to unmount the volume." on Mac OS X Leopard



    1. Try relaunching Finder by control+option+clicking on the Finder icon in your Dock
    and selecting Relaunch.

    2. You can also try unmounting the partition manually by selecting it in Disk Utility
    and clicking Unmounted in the toolbar.

    3. Else you can force the unmount of a volume just open a Terminal and use umount.

    sudo umount -f /Volumes/FooBar


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    Re: "Error to unmount the volume." on Mac OS X Leopard

    ++++++++++++Try this process for this issue++++++++

    *********Now open finder .

    *********Now locate on volume tab.

    ********Click on hardware and sound option.

    ********Under the sound Management window click on Device Manger.

    ********Here you will see the all installed hardware as in list under the Device Manager window.

    ********Find Sound controller and click on arrow just next to it.

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