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    Error while installing "CopyPaste Pro" on Mac OS X 10.5.2

    I have downloaded the "CopyPaste Pro" software from the internet and when am installing the same on my mac machine, the setup installation won't complete successfully and instead it prompts that unknown error occurred and the process quits from installing. Hope you will provide me a solution.

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    abhijeet2015 Array
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    Re: Error while installing "CopyPaste Pro" on Mac OS X 10.5.2


    It seems that software is not downloaded correctly

    Corrupt file download will not work .
    So you can also go to apple app store and can download it.
    Once you have the correct file format you can install it.
    Remove the error file if stored in mac.


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    Re: Error while installing "CopyPaste Pro" on Mac OS X 10.5.2

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for installation failed while installing copypaste pro in mac.Follow the below instructions to done this

    +++ Instructions to follow to install the copypaste pro :

    1. First of all restart the mac os x system.

    2. After restart locate the copypaste pro application or software in your mac.

    3. After locating select it and tap the options.

    4. In options find and tap the run option.

    5. Now accept the terms and conditions and wait until the install process completes.

    6. After install restart the mac and use the installed copypaste pro.

    Thank you...................

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    Re: Error while installing "CopyPaste Pro" on Mac OS X 10.5.2


    Done these steps to solve the problem:

    Open the settings icon.

    Press the web browser option.

    Search the copypaste pro application.

    Find the option download,press it.

    At last press the install button.

    !!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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