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    Error while updating Mac OS X 10.6 with 10.6.4

    During the update of mac os x 10.6 with mac os x 10.6.4, there is an error message that your hard disk in not capable to update. But everything is fine with my hard disk and has enough space for an update. Please tell me what is to be done actually so as to avoid any kind of error during updation.

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    Re: Error while updating Mac OS X 10.6 with 10.6.4

    Hello guestjust do as i say to solve your problem1 first delete your current version of mac osxbeacuse you are getting error messege because your harddisk is not compatible to update new version becaue it has not enough memory2 so get new disk to new version of osx3 also take care that it must be original disk4 now change your harddisk5 get new harddisk of higher memory6 your problem will be solvedgood bye..

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