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    Error while updating Security Software update on Mac OS X 10.4

    Am always getting an Error whenever I try to install the security software update and the message is The file "Sec Updt 2013-001" couldn't be found on the server. I have restarted the machine several times and tried to install the update again but no success. Please provide a solution.

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    Re: Error while updating Security Software update on Mac OS X 10.4


    Suggestions ------------------>
    * You need to download security software from apple store only.
    * Once this downloaded your problem is solved.
    * Now update using the fast net connection.
    * Uninstall the earlier software which is not upgrading.
    * You must maintain space in the device memory so that apps can work properly.
    * This can be maintained by cleaning the cache and history files in device.
    * You can also take the help of memory cleaner app for cleaning the memory.
    * Also see that RAM in device is also more so to increase the processing speed.
    * Save the device from all kind of the virus attack.
    * Have the purchased version of the antivirus for this purpose.
    * Also see that software of the device is in updated format.
    * Backups of all important files are also needed in device.
    * Update the software of the device whenever available and needed.
    * Visit the security area of the device to update the device software.
    * Use fast net connection to update the software.


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    Re: Error while updating Security Software update on Mac OS X 10.4


    You need to change in Network preferences:

    1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

    2. Click Network to display its preference pane.

    3. From the Show pop-up menu, choose Network Port Configurations.

    4. Select the "Built-in Ethernet" check box to enable the port.

    5. Click Apply Now.

    6. Now restart the Mac and again try to update.


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    Re: Error while updating Security Software update on Mac OS X 10.4

    Hi friend,

    Due to some common problems you are facing this update error while updating the software update in mac os x system.Some of the reasons for this are

    ---> Due to internet connection is disconnected when update process is going on.

    ---> Due to data balance for internet is over in middle of updating.

    ---> Due to weak network signal issue this issue raised.

    ---> Due to slow internet plan package this update error came in mac system .

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the error while updating the security software update in mac os x system :

    1. Always use the fast internet connection to resolve this.

    2. If internet connection is disconnected in middle then connect and try again.

    3. If data balance for internet plan is over then recharge and try.

    4. If weak internet signal is available then keep update when it is good.

    That's it..

    Thank you..................

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    Re: Error while updating Security Software update on Mac OS X 10.4

    ++++++++++++Try this method for this issue++++++++

    **********Now open Troubleshoot computer problem window.

    **********Here you will see the System and Security.

    **********Under that click on Fix problem with windows update link.

    **********After clicking the windows troubleshooter will open click on Next button

    **********Now try to install them.

    **********If you still have an issue than try next steps.

    **********Windows troubleshooter will find and all the problem automatically.

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