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    Files remain in Mac even after deleting the user account

    I have already deleted one of the user account which I no longer use in my Mac but still the files are there in the system without being removed. Why is that? Is there something which I missed during the deletion part? Can you please guide me in this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Files remain in Mac even after deleting the user account

    If you have an administrator account, you can delete user accounts on your computer that are no longer needed.

    When you delete a user account, you can save the user’s home folder, which contains the user’s files and settings, or delete it.
    There are two options appear during deletion process - OK or Delete Immediately (Click OK to save the user’s files on the computer, or click Delete Immediately to remove the user account and all the user’s files).
    Check whether you had selected OK or Delete Immediately.

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