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    Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    I have a Macbook with me which runs with Snow Leopard and now I am having issues with the Finder application where whenever I try to open it just closes with the error as “Finder quit unexpectedly”. Anyone had similar issue before? What can be done to fix this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    This looks like some issue with the disk level and it can be fixed by running the repair permission option available in Snow Leopard. Just follow the steps given below,

    STEP 1: Restart your Macbook once before starting the disk permission check.

    STEP 2: Now open the disk utility application which is in /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility

    STEP 3: Select the disk on the left side of the window which is your startup disk.

    STEP 4: Select the tab “First Aid”

    STEP 5: Select the option “Repair disk permissions” and then just wait for the process to complete.

    STEP 6: Restart your Macbook once that is done and now you can open the Finder application without any issue.

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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?


    Steps to follow:

    :: Move to the system preference in to Mac Book.

    :: Once the system preference is open then you have to select the “Utilities” option.

    :: Now under it, choose the “Disk Utility”.

    :: Then here you choose the start-up disk and then navigate the “First Aid” where you repair the disk using the “Repair disk permissions” OK.

    :: Then restart the Mac system OK.

    :: This will fix the unexpected close issue.


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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    Unfortunately this didnt work for the same problem I am having with my imac, using 10.8.3. When I boot up a little window shows up saying Finder quit unexpectedly. If I hit ignore it keeps coming and if I hit report a nonsensicle load of crap comes up which I send to apple.

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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    My dear Friend ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    Go to the Users first

    There after Navigate to the Username

    Then Go to the " Library "

    Click on the " Preferences "

    So after this Move it on to your Desktop

    So now Restart your computer

    Generally this creates a new plist file in Preferences

    Try Quicklook now

    Try to Remove Cache

    Restart after you move the file out of " Preferences " folder

    Try now and Check working this

    If it still does not open .. then you try to get a new one installed

    That is it


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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    Friend finder quit unexpectedly this error message you see whenever you try to open the app "finder application".To solve this issue you should think properly.

    1.Your finder application app is useless it is corrupted.

    2.You should uninstall this app.

    3.Use good fast internet before starting downloading to avert error message.

    4.After uninstalling you should restart your app.

    5.Then go to down load the finder applicacation from the app store.

    6.After the completion of downloading you restart your device
    to use your finder application without problem.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    Reasons to your problem are --->
    -There might be issue with the disks.
    -Some error might have occurred at the disk level.

    Solution to your problem are --->

    -First of all,reboot your system.
    -Now you need to change the permissions.
    -In order to do so,go to Applications folder.
    -Click on Utility followed by Disk Utility.
    -Now click on the icon of the hard disk.
    -Now select First Aid.
    -Click on Repair Permissions.
    -Wait for some time to complete the process since you are using Snow Leopard.
    -Now just restart your system again.

    Your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Fix for “Finder quit unexpectedly”?

    My Mac will not allow me to go to System Preference and excess the "First Aid". It just keeps going back to the "Finder quit unexpectantly" box


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