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    Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    I have bought a new hard drive for my backup disk and I have set this new hard drive as the Time Machine back up, now when I made a backup of my machine after a complete day wait I got a message that "Back-up Failed", and there is no other information along with this message.

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    Daizy Array
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    Re: Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Check the partition of Time machine drive, there may be less free space available.

    I recommend you to run the following command in Terminal. This command will let you view your system log - where Time Machine errors are located.
    You will get get a clearer picture of what is causing your backups to fail.
    sudo grep backupd /var/log/system.log

    Let me know.

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    Re: Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    You can easily backup the data in mountain lion without error by doing the below things.
    First of all go to the home screen of the mountain lion by turn on it.Now download any backup application to yor mac system.After download install it like other softwares or applications.Now open the backup application.After open locate and tap the backup option.After tapping this a new window will open to choose the data which you want to backup in mac system.So,select the necessary data and load the selected data to backup application by tapping the done option.Now finally find and tap the backup option and wait until the backup process completes.After completing check the data backuped successfully in mountain lion system.

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    ++++++++Try this method for this issue +++++++++++

    *********Now under the control panel window click on Backup and Restore.

    *********After clicking you will get the Backup and Restore window.'

    *********Under that window click on Create a system image link.

    *********Now click on Next button to get next window.

    *********Here select the drive for which you trying to create backup.

    *********Now click on Next and than Create button to create system backup.

    *********After clicking you will get the create a system image dialog box.

    *********Under that dialog box select the location where you want to save your system .

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    Re: Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for facing the backup failed in your mac os x mountain lion system.For this you need to follow the below instructions

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve and backup the mac os x system without fail are :

    1. If backup failed then close the failed window and restart the mac os x mountail lion system.

    2. Now check the enough space available or not to store the backup file.

    3. Now launch the backup application like time machine.

    4. Here you will see the backup option.So,tap it.

    5. Now a new window will open the select the data which you want to backup.

    6. So,select the data and tap the done.

    7. Now finally tap the backup option.If it ask to choose the locate where you want to store the backup file then select it.

    8. After choosing the location proceed the backup process.

    Thank you....................

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    abhijeet2015 Array
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    Re: Fix for the "Back-up Failed" error message on Mac OS X Mountain Lion


    Suggestions ---------------------->
    * You need to have the fresh Time machine app.
    * Also perform the update of this app if available.
    * Use 3 G connection for this update now.
    * Do not download any app from unsafe site or unsafe region.
    * Always update the software to latest one, use fast net connection for this.
    * Visit the security area in device to update the software files.
    * Always recommended using fast net connection for this.
    * Save the device from all kind of virus attack.
    * Have the Quick heal antivirus and update its virus definitions.
    * You can also purchase this antivirus from shopping sites or near store.
    * Increase the RAM of the device if it is lower.
    * For this you need to visit the service center very soon.
    * Also maintain space in the device memory, have the memory cleaner app to clean memory.


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