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    Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    Trying to print with my Canon Printer which recently I synced with my Mac but it just gives the error message as 6A80. What might be the reason behind this error? Have anyone came across the same before? Kindly provide me the information to resolve it soon as possible. Thanks.

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    Just try to follow the below mentioned workaround to resolve the issue in your Mac soon,

    STEP 1: Switch off your printer completely.

    STEP 2: Now hold the four buttons 1) Black Photocopy button 2) Red Cancel button 3) Ok button 4) On/Off button for around 5-10 seconds.

    STEP 3: Now release only the on/off button.

    STEP 4: Release all the other buttons once the printer gets started again.

    STEP 5: Now try to print from your Mac which should be working fine without any issues.

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?


    dear this problem in the device may be due to the following reasons:
    1 may be the cable you are using for the connection is faulty.
    2 also the software do not installed properly.
    3 and also the driver do not installed properly .
    so check these settings and then you will solve your problem.

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    dear sir
    first you download the printer setting insstall in the printer . restart the printer . check your printer problem 2 .option you going the service center chcked the printer problem .

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?



    :: First you need to check the printer whether is connecting properly to the system or not.

    :: Try to add again the printer device and for that open the preference tap and search the
    Canon Printer under the printer option. Now try to delete and then add the printer again.

    :: Then try to restart the Mac system and then Check it is working or not

    :: If not then disconnect the printer and then reset the printing system and for that you need to trash

    the folder Canon Printer.

    :: Then connect the printer again and check it is working or not.


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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    ++++++++++++Try this process for this issue++++++++

    ********First off all Make sure that your printer connected with system correctly.

    ********Download Printer driver software ..

    ********Now open Device Manager.

    ********Right click on Printer and than click on Update Driver Software.

    ********Update box will asks you the required driver file.

    ********Add downloaded driver software file through Browse.

    ********After following few steps Printer driver software will install.

    ********After doing so your problem will resolve.

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.................................

    1.Firstly turn on your Mac.

    2.Then you press the keys '1+2+3+4 on your Printer. The 1,2,3,4 are indicated on the below image.

    3.Press all four buttons simultaneously and hold for 10 seconds.

    4.Now you release the 4th button (On/Off Button).

    5.But still keep pressing three buttons.

    6.Do that till your printer turn on and now your problem is solved.

    All the best.......................................

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    Re: Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac?

    Fix for Canon Printer Error 6A80 in Mac:

    • Either the printer cable has not been properly connected or there is a problem in the cable
    • Check if the printer is getting detected by the system or not
    • If everything is ok then try updating the printer drivers
    • Select the “Device Manager”
    • Here you can see the Printers option
    • Right-click on it and choose the option “Update Driver Software”
    • The printer drivers will be updated

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