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    Fix for disk utility crash problem in Mac

    Tried many things which I can but still the Disk utility application crashes whenever I try to use it and the whole system goes down because of the problem. Is there any fix or way to overcome the problem? Can you please give me the complete information for the same?

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    Re: Fix for disk utility crash problem in Mac

    There might be several reasons for this problem to show up where the entire Disk utility crashes with no reason. Now there is several things which you need to check before fixing this issue which as follows,

    -> Restart your Mac once if you have not tried it already and check by opening the Disk Utility application again which sometimes might be fixed automatically with the record.

    -> Do a PRAM reset by holding the Option Command + P and + R. Then go for system restart again.

    -> Go for the Mac OS update and install the Latest OS in your Mac to make sure that there won’t be any further issue as you are having it now.

    If none of the above helped then you can try restoring your mac or just use the Time Machine backup where it was working fine and then go back from there.

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    Re: Fix for disk utility crash problem in Mac

    Hi................,Suggestions-------->* Check that your mac device is virus free.* Make sure that you have memory space to run software.* You can download app of disk utility for preventing crash.* You can also go for updating current software version.* Various disk utility apps can be downloaded from Google play site.Thanks

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    Re: Fix for disk utility crash problem in Mac

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    Dear ,if always you facing this type of problem then try to repair the disk,it will solve the crash problem.

    Follow the steps to repair the disk :

    =) First move the disk utility.

    =) Then open the hard drive.

    =) Now selects the "Repair Disk"

    =) And then this will repair the minor problem.

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    Re: Fix for disk utility crash problem in Mac

    Dear User ......

    I will solve your problem into some easy steps....

    So first of all go and turn on your computer and then go to the home screen and then go and move the disk utility....After that just open the hard drive....And then just selects the "Repair Disk"...Now at the end just this will repair the minor problem....

    ALL the best ......
    Thank you .....

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