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    Fix for Mac OS software update “PackageKit: Install Failed:error..”

    Few weeks back I got the new Macbook Air with Lion OS installed and now I got a notification about the software update and when I tried to do, it installed successfully without any issues but while installing I got the error message as “An unexpected error occurred and no updates were installed” and I checked with the installation logs and it said “PackageKit: Install Failed:error..” Why I am getting this? I am not an expert in Mac as I just got it few weeks back. What should I do now? Is there any solution for this?

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    Re: Fix for Mac OS software update “PackageKit: Install Failed:error..”

    It looks like some of the files are being when you are doing the upgrade installation for your Macbook Air, you can overcome this problem by following the steps given below

    STEP 1: Backup all your important data as a precautionary measure as you won’t know when things will get messy.
    STEP 2: Now you need to boot into the recovery mode by holding down the combination Command key + R at the startup and just release it when a gray screen spinning dial shows up.
    STEP 3: Very important thing is that your Macbook should be connected to either Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection for internet access to use the Recovery and it won’t work if you are going to use USB or PPPoE modems or with some proxy servers which basically needs some certificates for authentication.
    STEP 4: Once you see the OS X Utilities -> Follow the instruction to re-install the OS. Now if it’s going to be a upgrade installation then you need to give your Apple ID and password which you have already registered.
    Once the installation is done you can see the problem is fixed where the upgrade is already done in your Macbook Air if you have followed the above steps without any confusion.

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