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    Fix for Mountain Lion installation error?

    I was able to download the Mountain Lion upgrade pack in my Mac without any issues from the App store but now when I tried to install it I got the error message as "An error occurred while preparing the installation, Try running this application again" and I have tried several times but still same issues. What should I do to fix this problem? Can someone help? Thanks.

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    Re: Fix for Mountain Lion installation error?

    Hi friend,

    fix for mountain lion installation error:


    Launch the app store then download xcode.

    Step 2:

    Install the code and run it and go to xcodes preference via shortcut

    you may be required to enter apple developer id

    if you don't have one.

    Then register for one.

    4.once the command line tool is installed ,quit and reopen the terminal hit the git command and check if it has been successfullyu reinstalled.

    Hope the information will be helpful for you

    all the best

    regards srilekha

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