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    Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    I feel like this is equivalent to the blue screen problem in PC where it just gives the message “you need to restart your computer”. My Mac runs with Snow Leopard and just recently I am getting this message very frequently. What should I do now? I don’t want to re-install to fix this problem. Please give me the solution soon.

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say............

    1.Firstly check that the OS which you are using is compatible with your Mac or not.

    2.If not you just uninstall it and install the OS with suits your Mac configuration.

    3.If you have no problem with the compatibility then the problem is some of your OS files may got deleted accidentally.

    4.So you re-install that OS in your Mac.

    5.Even if you cannot able to fix the problem then the problem is your Ram may be got damaged.

    6.So you try to fix your Ram or change it with the new one

    All the best............

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    nareshinsa123 Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?


    sir i think you have this problem in your device due to the installation of OS

    which you are using with your mac and the only solution of the problem is

    that you have to uninstall them and then you will follow the procedure.
    1 open the menu.

    2 go to the settings.

    3 select the reset device option

    4 and press on the OK to perform the action.

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    infosys848 Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    This restart problem occur when you system is effected with the malwares.
    So,you can avoid this problem by deleting the malwares from your mac system.For done this do the below things
    First of all download the anti-malware application to your mac system.After done this locate and install like other softwares.After install restart the system once and open it.After open you will see the scan option.So,tap it and wait until the malwares detected by the antivirus app.After detecting the malwares select the all malwares i your system and tap the delete option.After deleting must restart system.
    If is software issue the change the mac frimware to new once.

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    satya praveen Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?


    Yeah! I have got your problem and i have the solution for it.

    1.This may be the problem of the overheating.

    2.So you do not use your mac too long to keep it cool.

    3.The long usage of mac will lead to this type of problems only.

    4.If you have did any updates recently you remove those updates.

    5.Or you try to repair your Mac OS with installation CD.

    6.And also backup the lost files using Time machine.

    Have a nice day..

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    Hi friend,

    If you are facing the restart problem then because of virus files existence in your snow leopard os.If you want to resolve this issue you need to delete the virus files from your device by following the below procedure.

    +++ Steps to resolve the restart problem in your snow leopard os :

    1. First of all turn on the snow leopard device.

    2. After turn on download and install the antivirus app.If you have already then open.

    3. If you installed now then restart the device and open it.

    4. Here you will see the scan option.So,tap it and wait until the virus files detects.

    5. After detecting select all and tap the delete option.

    6. After deleting once restart the device now your restart problem is resolved.

    Thank you....................

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    Bittoo Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    Dear Friend..

    It seems that either the OS of your Mac has corrupt or there might be some file missing in that.
    I suggest you to go fir the update first so that if there is any file missing in OS, then it can be recover with this,

    The another option was to re-install the OS but that you don't want.
    So what you do now is to repair your Mac OS.

    For this, insert the OS Cd in your Mac Disc drive, then restart your Mac,
    Now press any key when the Mac reboot and you will get repair OS option.
    From there you need to press indicating key for the repair of the OS and after that you have to wait for a while, till the repair work finish,
    When your MacBook restart, it means the repair work has been finished.
    Install an anti-virus now and the Mac OS start working fine.

    I hope this helps you.
    Thank you..

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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Fix for restart problem in Snow leopard OS?

    Dear Friend..

    There are several issues for this problem which are as follows:-

    1. The problem might be the hardware failure like RAM or Hard Disk
    2. The issue of software or virus.
    3. Because of Mac OS which might be corrupt or installation failure.

    Solutions to fix the issue:-

    1. First thing before you take any decision to fix this error, just all the hardware of your Mac first.
    Check the RAM and hard disk first because these are the most important part for running any OS.
    Replace the RAM and use in some other device, if RAM is working fine then it means the hard disk has damaged or if the hard disk is Ok then the RAM might be damaged.
    Replace the material as soon as possible before it gets out of warranty.

    2. If this issue is OK at initial step, it means may you have installed some wrong or inappropriate software due to which it create virus in Mac and the error message occurs.
    Try to avoid such kind of software and also use Anti-Virus for this kind of software.
    Also use compatible software for Mac.

    3. At last, when this issue has been fine, then finally there is something wrong in your Mac OS.
    The OS might be corrupt or there is some file missing from the installation drive.
    Try to go with Repair the OS option or re-install the fresh OS after uninstalling the corrupted one.

    I hope, at last, it works for you,
    Thank you..

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