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    Fix for Time Machine Error 22 in Mac?

    I have just setup the Time Machine backup in my Mac and now whenever I try to run the backup I just keep on getting the “Error 22”. Anyone knows why it comes up in first place? What can be done for fixing it completely?

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    Re: Fix for Time Machine Error 22 in Mac?

    This error in common means that there is some drive malfunction happening in your Time Machine backup drive where it just spins but not respond to the bus signals. There might be certain things which you need to follow for fixing this issue,

    -> Make sure that the hard disk sleep when possible option is not enabled.

    -> Go to System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Power Adapter -> Uncheck the option Put hard disk to sleep.

    -> If you have connected the hard drive with some extension hub then connect it to the built-in port of your Mac.

    -> If you have installed any third party software which is related to the external drive then uninstall it from your Mac.

    -> If there is any firmware update available, then go ahead and do it.

    Make sure that you follow the above points and even after that if you are facing the issue then try using another drive and check if it works properly with it, if not consider software upgrade in your system to the latest OS release.

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    Re: Fix for Time Machine Error 22 in Mac?


    Firstly make sure that you know the proper use of time machine application.
    You need to
    -- Go to system preference and in power adapter option uncheck the hard disk sleep option.
    -- No outer software is recommended here.
    -- If possible do the firmware update.
    -- As shown in figure if you have a option of replacing both then do that.
    -- Have a antivirus for further safety.

    Adding a video for proper use of time machine see this


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