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    Hard Disk Locked automatically on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Am not allowed to perform any activity or any changes to any of the file on my Mac OSX mountain lion machine, there is a message that the disk is locked and you do not have read/write permissions for this folder. I don't understand what is gone wrong on my machine and why the disk is locked. Kindly let me know the procedure to unlock it.

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    Re: Hard Disk Locked automatically on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Hai frnd.............

    Dont be get worried there is another way in opening file right click on the file and click on the explore files ;;;;;;;;;;;;

    if you unable to open by doing this there are some unlock software you may get it from differnt site and try on your pc.............

    If you are failed in doing so..............
    Just do one thing format pc by placing os disk and install it again................

    Thank you

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