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    How to create a subdomain on Mac OS X server 10.5?

    I hope you all know the meaning of subdomains. If you don't know then it is a secondary level domain which appears like- forum.demo.com,blog.demo.com etc. Here the primary domain demo.com is common in all of sub-domains. I am trying to do the same but don't have enough information. Can you give me a way to do the same?

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    samerjeet singh Array
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    Re: How to create a subdomain on Mac OS X server 10.5?

    Hello guestIt is quite easy to create subdomain in the mac osxyou have to follow this little procedure to solve your problem1 goto mac osx setting2 than edit domains setting3 click on the opotion of subdomain4 and scroll to option create subdomain5 now create a subdomain with a name like sam.mac6 click okyour domain hasbeen made

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    ankit60 Array
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    Re: How to create a subdomain on Mac OS X server 10.5?

    well dear not much to do it is a very easy process.follow these steps.
    1. go to setting of your mac.
    2. then go to domains setting.
    3. Tap on the opotion subdomain.
    4.and now will find a option create
    5.now create a
    ok your domain
    hasbeen created.
    Thank you

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