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    How to sync Kodak ESP C315 with Macbook Air?

    I have Macbook Air with me and just yesterday got the all new Kodak ESP C315 camera and now I need to sync it with my Macbook Air for that I need to install a software which is in CD and my Macbook Air doesn't have CD support. What should I do now? How to install the application in Macbook Air to sync my Kodak camera in Macbook Air? Kindly give me the solution in detail.

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    Re: How to sync Kodak ESP C315 with Macbook Air?

    Dear Friend...

    This is the most common problems for MacBook Air user.
    Having a MacBook without Disc Drive is itself a biggest cons of this but as the technology go far, we have lots of alternatives for that.


    External DVD is the only solution for this problem.
    Many of the Mac User now a days follow this pattern.
    Just buy an external DVD drive from the market and plug its USB in your MacBook device.
    Once it is recognised in your device, you can insert the drivers CD in that and install the drivers in your device.
    Now you can easily synch your camera with MacBook.

    Thank you...

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    Re: How to sync Kodak ESP C315 with Macbook Air?


    :: If your CD is not working then you can insert the CD in to another PC

    :: and copy the software related to camera.

    :: Then this copy apps can move to the removable drive.

    :: Now the removable drive attached to Mac system and copy in to Mac.

    :: Then run this apps and attached the Kodak camera.


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    Re: How to sync Kodak ESP C315 with Macbook Air?

    Dear Friend....

    The only way to sync your Kodak ESP C315 with your MacBook Air is possible through only, via Disc of Drivers and a DVD Drive but as you said you don't have disc drive in your MacBook so its not possible to sync your Cam.

    For sort this issue, you must have a DVD Drive which can utilize for both CD and DVD and that could be possible through after buying an External DVD Drive from the market.

    This is what you required for your MacBook. As you see that there is a USB connected with this Disc Drive which you can connect with your MacBook device and then you can run CD, DVD for installing drivers or some other useful content which you required.
    This will cost you around Rs.2000/- and above.

    Thank you...

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