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    HP deskjet 5900 not working after Lion Update

    I just went for the Lion OS update in my Macbook Pro and now the problem is I am not able to use the HP deskjet 5900 printer at all and I am not able find the drivers too. What should I do now? I cannot use the printer at all?

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    Re: HP deskjet 5900 not working after Lion Update

    Once you have done the software update to Lion OS you might be already getting the drivers installed for the printers automatically. Now the first thing which you can try is to reset your printing system. If that doesn’t help follow the below given steps,

    STEP 1: Now go to \Library\Printers -> Move the HP folder to trash.

    STEP 2: Now go to \PPDs\Contents\Resources -> Search for the folder 5900 and move all the result to the trash.

    STEP 3: Now go to the Print & Scan -> Add the printer again.

    Now this should fix the problem but if you are following the issue again then just install the drivers and try using your printer again CLICK HERE!!

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    Re: HP deskjet 5900 not working after Lion Update

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    :: First you need to check the printer whether is connecting properly to the system or not.

    :: Try to add again the printer device and for that open the preference tap and search the HP desk jet 5900 printer under the printer option.

    :: Now try to delete and then add the printer again.

    :: Then try to restart the Mac system and then Check it is working or not

    :: If not then disconnect the printer and then reset the printing system and for that you need to trash the folder HP desk jet 5900 .

    :: Then connect the printer again and check it is working or not.

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