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    iMac poses problems with screen brightness settings

    Recently, I have noticed in my I Mac that it has been making weird noise when I change the screen brightness settings to minimum or maximum. This has never happened earlier and I am confused. Please share a solution for the issue.

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    lakshmina26 Array
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    Re: iMac poses problems with screen brightness settings

    Just it makes clear when you change the settings in respect of Brightness.
    Just open the system preferences-->Then select the Display option-->And then go for Auto Brightness. It will sets accordingly.

    This will clears the same....

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    venki Array
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    Re: iMac poses problems with screen brightness settings

    hello friends..

    to solve the above said problem read the following steps

    ##go to start menu

    ##click on control panel

    ##click on display settings

    ##click on brightness

    ##select full brightness and

    ##also select the system resolution also

    ##maximum resolution for Mac system

    ##click on apply settings

    these steps may solve your problem

    all the best

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