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    Installing tax software in 32 bit Mac

    I want to install tax software in my Mac which is 32 bit. What should I do for it? Can you please tell me which one will be best suited for it? What are the steps to follow for that? Kindly provide me the required information as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    Re: Installing tax software in 32 bit Mac

    You can install the tax software into mac device by doing the below process.
    First of all turn on the mac system.After turn download the tax software into your mac or if you already have then the locate it on the mac device where it is stored.After locating select it by tapping single click on it.After selecting tap the options with the help of the mouse by right clicking on it.now you will see the run administrator option in option.So,tap it.After tapping you will see the conform option to install.So,conform it for starting the installation process.Now wait until the process completes.In installation it will ask to accept the terms and conditions.So,accept it for proceeding.After done this a new window will open with finish option.So,tap this not your tax software installation is over.Once restart the mac after installing any software.

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    Re: Installing tax software in 32 bit Mac

    hi ,

    if you want to do so then follow as.

    1 down the tax software.

    2 and then after downloading press two times on the icon of the software.

    3 now it will take some time .

    4 now after that it will install.

    5 now restart your device.

    that`s all.

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    Re: Installing tax software in 32 bit Mac


    You can take help of web to download the tax software.

    * Visit cnet.com
    * there select mac system.
    * Then select tax software.
    * You can also type in search if you do not get.
    * Then download the software and install it.
    * After install run the software .

    -- Scan it before installing.
    -- Tax software is a easy guide to calculate the income tax statement.
    -- You can also calculate House income tax and Leave allowances to be charged.


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    Re: Installing tax software in 32 bit Mac

    Hi friend,

    It is possible to install the tax software in your mac system.Follow the below instructions to install it.

    +++ Steps to follow to install the tax software in mac system:

    1. First of all turn on the mac system.

    2. After turn on download or transfer the tax software to your mac.

    3. After this locate the application where it is stored.

    4. Now select the application and tap the options.

    5. This options will be visible by right clicking with the mouse.

    6. In options tap the run administrator option and wait until the installation completes.

    7. In installing process accept the terms and conditions.

    8. Finally tap the finish option and restart the mac system.

    After restart you can use the tax software.

    Thank you.....................

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