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    Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    Everything was working fine till yesterday but now whenever I try to connect my iPod and sync it with the iTunes I get this error message pop-up with the Error code:13019. What is the problem? Why I am getting this? Can you please provide me the needed information to overcome this issue? Waiting for your valuable reply.

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    jpdmostwanted Array
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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    The error code :13019 happens when a 6th Gen Device or iOs is connected with mac.
    Just update your iTunes again.
    Then the problem will be resolved.

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say......

    Try to update your present 'iTunes' software will fix your problem.
    you can update or download the latest version of the iTunes will also
    solve this problem to download the latest version go to the internet
    browser. From there you go to the 'www.apple.com/itunes/download/'.

    From there you can download the latest version. If the latest version may
    not help you to solve your problem then do as i say below.

    1.Firstly connect your device.

    2.Then you click on the 'Device' you have connected.

    3.Then select the 'Playlists' and then deselect the voice memo playlists.

    4.Now click on 'Apply' and then click on 'sync'.

    5.If you find any duplicate voice memos delete them.

    All the best........

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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    Dear Aspirant .. The instructions to be followed to fix the iPod Syncing error in Mac are as follows : First of all connect your device and select the connected device and click on it . if the device is not detected then disconnect it and reconnect it again. Install the supporting third party software in your PC and update your iPod . connect it again and update it . and Sync the files now . Thank you..

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    katrina Array
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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    Dear Sir .....

    The best way to fix iPod syncing error in Mac .....

    1st ==> So first of all go and turn on your device ,

    2nd ==> Go to the home screen ,

    3rd ==> Click on to the connect your device ,

    4th ==> Click on the Device you have connected ,

    5th ==> Now select the Playlists ,

    6th ==> Deselect the voice memo playlists ,

    7th ==> Click on Apply ,

    8th ==> Click on sync ,

    9th ==> You are successfully sync you iPod.......

    Hope you like that info ....
    Thank you .....

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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?


    sir to fix this problem follow as :
    1 turn your device.
    2 go to home screen.
    3 press on connect the device.
    4 click on the device you have connected.
    5 choose the playlist.
    6 deselect the voice memo playlist.
    7 now press on the apply to save the settings.
    and then press on the sync.
    that`s all.

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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Instructions to fix iPod syncing error in Mac?

    Dear Friend..

    You have mentioned your query but you haven't mentioned that which company iPod you are using.
    Second thing is that, the medium you are connecting your device is USB or not.


    I think first you should check on the web that the iPod you are using have its some drivers or software's for connecting it to Mac because many a times, without installing drivers, this kind of errors occur,
    So search the drivers of your iPod in the web and install in your Mac.
    Then try to connect the iPod with Mac.

    If this not works, then go through with a USB which is genuine and supportable with iPod and Mac.
    If you are trying to connect the iPod some other cable, then it also create problem.

    If the problem still persist, it means the iPod might be not compatible with your Mac.
    For this, contact your Apple Outlet.

    Thank you..

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