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    Instructions to update iPhone to iOS 6 in Macbook?

    I am trying to update my iPhone to iOS 6 so I plugged it on to the Macbook and when I tried to open the iTunes it just said latest iTunes needed and when I tried to update to iTunes 7 it just failed to download saying “Need the newest software” What is the cause for this problem?

    What should I do now? Please provide me a valuable solution.

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    Re: Instructions to update iPhone to iOS 6 in Macbook?

    Hello Friend,

    That Is Problem Occurred For Reason Of MAC OS So Firstly Resolve The Issue Of OS......

    If Your Latest iTunes Software, System Requirements For MAC

    >> Mac computer with an Intel Core processor and 512MB of RAM
    >> OS X version 10.6.8 or later
    >> Safari 4.0.3 or later
    >> 400MB of available disk space
    >> Broadband Internet connection to use the iTunes Store

    So Friend Look And Make That Setting For New iTunes Version

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    Re: Instructions to update iPhone to iOS 6 in Macbook?

    To solve this problem follow these steps

    • First check the latest version of iTunes supports your device or not
    • Then Download the lateset itunes software on your device
    • Now you can update the device using itunes
    • If the device does not meet the requirements then you need to fullfill the reqirements to have the lateset version on your Macbook first
    Then minimun reqirements to have the latest itune on your Macbook are

    • 512 MB RAM
    • OS 10.6.8 version
    • Safari browser
    • 400 MB disk space.

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