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    Instructions to use voice input in Mac Mail?

    Just got a new Mac few weeks back and I heard that we can use the Voice input feature in Mac mail which will make things more easier. Is that true? Can someone give me the needed instructions which I need to follow for setting up the voice input in my Mac Mail and to use it? Thanks.

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    Re: Instructions to use voice input in Mac Mail?


    Now, hereís how to actually use Speech Recognition:
    • To see what commands are available, click the little triangle at the bottom of the feedback window, and select Open Speech Commands Window.
      As you might expect, selecting Speech Preferences from this menu opens the Speech System Preferences pane for you.

    1. Peruse the Speech Commands window, and find a command youíd like to execute by speaking its name.
    1. Speak that command exactly as written.
    2. At this point, several things happen:
    3. In the feedback window, Esc disappears, and the microphone lights up to subtly indicate that your Mac is waiting for speech input.
    • The command and my Macís response appear in little boxes above and below the Feedback window.
    • The Speech Commands window changes to reflect the command youíve spoken.

    This technology is clever and kind of fun, but it can also be somewhat frustrating when it doesnít recognize what you say. And it requires a decent microphone ó although the mic built into most Macs sometimes works okay. You might not be able to get Speech Recognition to work well enough to continue using it beyond a few hours at best. Still, itís kind of cool (and itís free), and some users profess love for it.

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    Re: Instructions to use voice input in Mac Mail?

    Hi hello ..

    The Instructions to Use Voice Input in Mac Mail are as given below :

    Navigate to the Speech Command Window

    Speak the command that is written .

    Light indicates that the Device is waiting for the Speech input .

    and it changes according to the speech you've delivered .

    It Do requires a Good microphone .

    connect it to the Device , if there is already a Microphone over there

    then no their is no need of the external microphone .

    Thank you...

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