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    Issues with Facetime on iMac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    The contact with whom am facetiming is unable to hear me, tried with the different contacts the problem is same but I can hear them normally. I don't know which settings should be changed to fix this problem, so please help me in solving this problem on my iMac and hope you respond soon.

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    luck Array
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    Re: Issues with Facetime on iMac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Hello my dear Friend ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    Once verify that FACE TIME is enabled or not ...

    You can check it from ... FACETIME .... PREFERENCES

    Verify the DATE ... TIME ZONE are set correctly or not

    From the Apple menu ... go to the SYSTEM PREFERENCES

    Then go to the DATE & TIME ...


    Click the TIME ZONE tab ... and confirm that the closest City is Correct

    And Verify that both the Parties are connected to an Active Broadband Internet Connection

    Verify that it has installed latest software Updates of MAC ...

    That is it

    Your problem will now be solved


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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Issues with Facetime on iMac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Dear Friend ...

    I think the issue is all about the setting of microphone. Even in many of the web messengers, we normally face the same issue.

    What you need is to check your Facetime setting first:-

    1. When you sign in your Facetime account, you just go to microphone setting which you get from customization menu.
    2. There you open microphone menu and choose default device.
    3. Save the settings now and the issue has been resolve.

    Thank you...

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