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    iWork apps and keychain access crashes when I enable iCloud on my Mac

    My mac runs with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 version and now facing some issue while enabling the iCloud on it as it just crashes the iWork apps and the keychain access as well. Anyone faced this problem before? How to resolve this now?

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    Re: iWork apps and keychain access crashes when I enable iCloud on my Mac


    Suggestions -------------->
    * You need to uninstall the i work app.
    * Now you need to re install it from the app store.
    * I cloud app must be in updated form.
    * On the auto updates feature in the device.
    * If not updated you will face this issue must soon.
    * You can also re install the key chain app from the app store.
    * Use fast net connection to download them from the store.
    * Do not download any app from unsafe site or unsafe region.
    * Always update the software to latest one, use fast net connection for this.
    * Visit the security area in device to update the software files.
    * Always recommended using fast net connection for this.
    * Save the device from all kind of virus attack.
    * Have the Quick heal antivirus and update its virus definitions.


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