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    Kernel Error: 3EB7D8A7-C2D3 on iMac with OS X Snow Leopard

    My iMac won't start due to an error "Kernel Error: 3EB7D8A7-C2D3", I haven't deleted any files on my machine manually and I have not made any changes in my machine, but suddenly the machine stopped working and this error message is displayed on screen. I don't know how do I fix this error, so please assist me in this regards.

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    Re: Kernel Error: 3EB7D8A7-C2D3 on iMac with OS X Snow Leopard


    It seems that you have recently installed a RAM which is not working in present.
    You also have a mac that suffers from the logic board defect. However it manifest itself with screen going dark prior to kernel panic happening.
    See this article and you can see various suggestions under it.
    Offer mentioned in article applies up to three years of date of purchase.

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