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    Keyboard shortcut command to mute the startup sound in Mac?

    My Mac runs with Lion OS and I just want to know what is the keyboard shortcut key to use for muting the startup sound in Mac? because many a times I use to keep the volume up whenever I shutdown the Mac. So it will be helpful by that time. I also want to know the steps to change that shortcut to our need.

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    Re: Keyboard shortcut command to mute the startup sound in Mac?

    when you start up your Mac device ,there is a sound hears.some user don't like and want to disable the start up sound in Mac device.
    In the Mac device , it's very nice facility in the keyboard that you can increase or decrease the volume from keyboard.Also you can mute the sound from keyboard.
    you can also disable the startup sound in Mac

    Mute the startup sound in Mac

    Method 1
    --> Hold down the mute button F10 after switch on the Mac device.Keeping such , startup sound is disable while starting the Mac device.

    Method 2
    --> Turn down the volume of speaker before switch off the Mac.now you can not hear any sound while switch on the Mac device.

    Method 3
    --> download the "startup sound prefpane" and install it
    --> go to "preference" and then select "sound"
    --> now check the box "mute startup sound"

    you can disable the startup sound any method from above 3 method to disable the startup sound.By using any method above from 3 method , now when you start your Mac device , you will not hear anything from your Mac.

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