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    Lag issues with World of Warcraft in Macbook?

    I installed the World of Warcraft in my Macbook without any issues but the problem now is whenever I open the game and play it just lags a lot than usual. Why is that? Is there any way I can boost up the game or increase the performance? Can you please provide me the needed tips for it? Thank you.

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    Re: Lag issues with World of Warcraft in Macbook?

    There are several issues that can cause lag in your game World of Warcraft. It is a quite graphics demanding game. So make sure you have a good GPU or at least a good CPU and good amount of RAM in your MacBook. Make sure to use the power supply while playing the game and turn on laptop performance to high in power option. Make sure your exhaust fan is working fine and try to keep your laptop at bit height to make the air pass the near the exhaust fan.

    You can also try this software called Game Booster made by Iobit in association with Razer. Link: http://dev.majorgeeks.com/files/deta...e_booster.html

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