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    Mac Address book not supporting Gmail contact sync

    I have Mac which runs with the Lion OS and right now I am just trying to sync up the Gmail contacts in the default Address book application by selecting the Accounts -> Sync with Google option but nothing happens after that. Why? What should I do to make it work?

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    samerjeet singh Array
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    Re: Mac Address book not supporting Gmail contact sync

    %hello guest%
    it is not a big problem
    it is just due to some problem in your
    setting or in your browser it is not due
    to problem in your mac or its lion os

    use these steps to get out of this problem--
    1 first goto your mac setup
    2 goto your address book
    3 refresh and update your address book
    4 now goto your gmail browser
    5 update it to latest version
    6 goto its setting
    7 edit is contact setting
    8 click on option of sync contact
    10 it will lead you to mac adress book
    11 load your complete address book or some contact of your choice
    12 click ok and refresh your browser
    your issue is solved
    #good bye#

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Mac Address book not supporting Gmail contact sync

    Dear User ************
    ++++++++Try this process for this issue +++++++++++

    *********Turn on your mac book .

    *********Go to adobe official website.

    *********Install that downloaded app.

    *********Now open and search for the installation.
    *********Click onto the playing link.

    *********After it you will mac book install .

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