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    Mac color change completely to black and white

    My son was working in my Mac for sometime and he did something where my entire Mac turned to be some black and white effect and I have no idea what need to be done to revert back. Can someone give me the information which I have to follow for the same to make it normal again?

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    Re: Mac color change completely to black and white

    This is one of the effect which is given as a feature in Universal Access preference options. Now to disable it you can follow up either of the two points.

    -> Open the System preferences -> Select the Universal Access pane and disable all the options from there.

    -> Just press the key combination of Control + Option + Command + 8 to get back your Mac screen to normal.

    -> You can go to the Universal Access preference pane and enable the options which are there are at any point of time.

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    Re: Mac color change completely to black and white


    Suggestions ---------------->
    * You need to restart the system in safe mode.
    * Press F 8 key and then select the safe mode.
    * Now make sure that the device is in upgraded form.
    * You need to go to the system preference and then update the software.
    * If it is updated then you need to repair the software.
    * You need fast net connection for this update.
    * Do not download any software from any unsafe site.
    * Make sure that device is free from virus status.
    * Have the antivirus in device and update the virus definitions.
    * Also see that RAM in device is up to maximum limit.
    * You can visit the service center and can upgrade the RAM.
    * Maintain space in the device memory every time.
    * Use memory cleaner app to clean the memory of the device.
    * Never download any application from non market.
    * This is because it bring the risk of the virus and damage the software.
    * Also have the backup of the important files.


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    Re: Mac color change completely to black and white

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for mac color change completely to black and white.You can resolve this by following the below mentioned steps

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the mac color changing to black and white :

    1. First of all close the all programs which you are browsing.

    2. Now go to the apple menu and tap the system preferences option.

    3. In system preferences go to the universal access and disable the options here.

    4. Now tap the keys control + Option + command + 8 to get the screen to previous color.

    5. After regain the mac to original color then again tap the universal access from system preferences option.

    6. Now here disable the options again and close the all pages opened.

    That's it..

    Thank you.................

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    Re: Mac color change completely to black and white

    hi friend,

    it is not the matter to be worry about. I am going to tell you the ways in which you can restore the problem:

    1) close all the programs which are in browse mode,.

    2) tap the system preferences option in apple menu.

    3) now disable the universal access.

    4) now for obtaining previous color tap the button control+option+command+8 .

    5) now close all the programs again and your problem will be solved.

    hope this information will help you a lot.

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