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    Mac iPhoto application not able to read photo library

    Facing this problem in my Mac, whenever I try to open the iPhoto application it just gives the problem as cannot read the library and I am not able to browse through the photos. So can you please provide me the fix for this problem? What should I do to make things work properly again in my MAc with the iPhoto application?

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    Re: Mac iPhoto application not able to read photo library

    This problem usually happens when you have some corrupted or inaccessible iPhoto library in your Mac. Now there is workaround which is worth to try for fixing this issue in your Mac as follows,

    STEP 1: Try to locate your iPhoto library in your Mac which usually be in /user/<username>/Pictures folder.

    STEP 2: Press CTRL key and then Right-click on the folder.

    STEP 3: Now select the option “Show package contents” from the list which is shown.

    STEP 4: Search for the folder which is named as “Originals” from the list shown.

    STEP 5: Copy that to your Pictures folder or where you wanted it to be.

    STEP 6: Now delete the previous iPhoto library which you have and restart the iPhoto application. Again create a new iPhoto library which should be working now without any further problem.

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    Re: Mac iPhoto application not able to read photo library


    -- Try to locate your I photo library in mac which is generally in picture folder.
    -- Press Control key and click on show package content.
    -- There you can search for the Originals in list.
    -- Copy that to your picture folder or where you wanted it to be.
    -- Now delete the previous i photo library .

    Restart the mac and this will start the i photo application,
    Now create the new library in iPhoto application.


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    Re: Mac iPhoto application not able to read photo library

    Hello Friend

    When you take a photo with your iPhone , iPod touch or iPad, it automatically enters your photo stream a rolling collection

    of your last 1,000 posts. You want to see the photos on your mac, just you will click the photo stream icon in iPhot and

    there they are. You have also facility to drag photos from your library onto the photo stream icon so they will appear in to

    the photo stream on your iOS devices too.

    If you want to keep your photos on your mac iPhoto can automatically import photos from your

    photo steam. So, you have to Permanent part of your mac also.

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    Re: Mac iPhoto application not able to read photo library

    You can remove the i Photo from the Mac system and again installed it

    And the process are as follow:

    :: Go to the current window.

    :: Then open the “preference” tap.

    :: Then search the i Photo application.

    :: Now under application there is another set that is uninstall setup.

    :: So you have to tap over the uninstall setup, this will uninstall the i Photo application from the MAC.

    ::Then install it .


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