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    Mac iTunes burned CD not working

    I have tried several ways to burn the CD from my Mac in iTunes application and once after that if I try to play the CD in any player or my Mac it doesnít work at all. Why is that? Why itís not creating it as a playable disk? Instead creates as like a normal data CD. Hope that someone will be here to help? Thanks.

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    Re: Mac iTunes burned CD not working

    As per my knowledge whatever way which you are trying to burn the CD is not converting the songs to the playable format but just .aac file which won’t be working in most of DVD/CD players. Now you just need to follow the below steps from your Mac iTunes application to make it work properly,

    STEP 1: Open the iTunes application in your Mac from where you want to burn the songs in CD.
    STEP 2: Go to File -> New -> Select playlist.
    STEP 3: Now drag in all the songs which you want to burn into the playlist and highlight all the songs which are dragged in the playlist.
    STEP 4: Select File -> Burn playlist to disc which should convert the songs in proper playable format and then burn into the disc.
    Once the burning process is done, just try to play it in any of your player to check if things are working fine now which of course should be.

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    Re: Mac iTunes burned CD not working


    If you having the problem with CD burn then please try again once more with below steps.

    Before going to burn the CD ,you check your iTunes is latest version or not,if not then install the latest version.

    =) So launch the iTunes apps in your MAC.

    =) Then go to the file option under the menu tap.

    =) Then press the New option and name a select playlist.

    =) Once your playlist is create then you can drag the songs that you want to burn.

    =) After move the songs into playlist ,your all songs is now converted in to playable mode.

    =) Now you can burn the playlist in to disk.


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    Re: Mac iTunes burned CD not working

    ++++++++++++Try this method for this issue++++++++

    **********Now launch itune in your device

    **********Now go to open iTunes store .

    **********Now select CD burn options.

    ********Your device will shows you under the iTunes window

    **********Insert empty CD into CD writer.

    **********Click on Make data CD.

    **********After clicking you will get the window where you can add item.

    **********To add item or data just click on Add button.

    **********After data/item adding click on Burn.

    **********After few minute your
    CD will burn successfully.

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