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    Mac Mini i7 fails to run movies in full screen

    My MacMini i7 while watching movies fails to apply full screen mode. Recently it crashed and I have rebooted the system again. What should I do next? Please suggest a solution

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    samerjeet singh Array
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    Re: Mac Mini i7 fails to run movies in full screen

    Hello guest
    you are facing this problem due to-
    - outdated version of your media player.
    - virus attack on your mac.
    - may be you are playing corrupted,
    - video player driver missing from your device.
    - full screen run disable from setting.

    Use these steps to solve this issue-- first of all goto your media player.
    - goto its option and click on the option of update version.
    - update it to latest availble version.
    - now insrall video driver in your device.
    - also get a good antivirus.
    - scan you system with it and remove whole virus.
    - now enable full screen mode from setting of media player.
    Good bye

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    ankit60 Array
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    Re: Mac Mini i7 fails to run movies in full screen

    Well friend i think the problem which you are facing is happening due to these reasons.
    <>your system is affected by virus files.
    <>the media player which you are using is not working properly.
    <>the file you are trying to play is corrupt.
    <>you should scan your whole system with any good quality antivirus.
    <>you should uninstall the media player which you have installed and install the vlc media player in your system.
    <>try to play the proper file.
    Thank you

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Mac Mini i7 fails to run movies in full screen

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.......................

    1.This can be the problem of the video Playing software.

    2.So you try to install another software and use it.

    3.If still you have the same problem then this is the problem of your iMac display drivers.

    4.They may be corrupted or damaged so you are facing this problem.

    5.So to solve this problem you Restore your iMac and your problem will be solved now.

    All the best............................

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